Week 5: Labyrinth Final Touches

This week we prepared to give our final labyrinth presentations by finishing the details of our labyrinth and documenting them.

Finishing the Shapes

In Maya, I made a few more shapes so that I had four total. These ones were a little more complicated and on one of them I didn’t completely connect the vertices (I couldn’t tell in Maya) so when I imported it into Unreal it looked weird. I unfortunately ran out of time to re-do that shape.

All of them together

All of them together

My failure shape!

My failure shape!

Adding to the Landscape

I added a ring of mountains around my maze using the same techniques I had previously used. However, this seemed to make the file too heavy for my computer to run, so I had to develop on the ER and VR station laptops (which had some Unreal version problems…)

Then I added the shapes to the landscape. At first I had them densely clustered, but the decided to mimic the layout of the af Klint painting to make them more balanced and encourage the viewer to really take in each one.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 10.07.59.png
Screenshot 2019-03-06 09.56.09.png

Testing in VR

I tried to test my project in VR, but I couldn’t get SteamVR to work on the VIVE station. I talked to Marlon and he is going to try to fix the station, but wasn’t able to do so in time for class. I have learned that dealing with these sorts of issues are a big part of working and developing in VR!