Week 3 Activity: Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

This week our assignment was to install Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel and take a look at the data they collect. I installed both on my personal website.

I was expecting to not see anything interesting, but I found out that my site had a lot of traffic on Sunday! Looking at Google Analytics, it said that I had 20 users from France! I have no idea why this would be. I am applying to internships, but I didn’t apply to any there. It also looks like most people accessed my page directly, so this is a mystery.


But then looking at Facebook Pixel, it said that these views came from New York. Looking at my browser history, I confirmed that this was probably mostly me. I wonder why Google got this wrong?

Screenshot 2019-02-19 22.50.08.png

Facebook also suggested who I should advertise to (if I’m understanding the Pixel site correctly):


One interesting thing about having the Pixel Chrome extension installed was that I could see which other sites were using Pixel!

Yes, I was checking when March Madness starts…

Yes, I was checking when March Madness starts…