Week 7: zipzop

Soundy Presentation.jpg

Based on the feedback we received during the user testing sessions, we updated our smart toy in the following ways:

  • Created user personas

  • Redesigned the form

  • Added color to sound sensing

  • Created a narrative around the interaction

You can see the presentation outlining these updates in more person here. Below we have presented the new concept for our toy.

User Personas

We created the below persona for our child user and their parent. We want this toy to be as accessible as possible for people with and without tech backgrounds. Because one of the goals of this toy is to help and encourage kids - and especially kids who are “nature illiterate” - to play outside, we used New York City as our example location.

Soundy Presentation (1) copy.jpg
Soundy Presentation (1).jpg


Based on feedback to make a narrative around the sound and color collection, we modified the scavenger hunt idea to create a companion that the child can build a story with. The toy prompts the child to explore their environment and collect colors for parts of the story:

Soundy Presentation (2).jpg
Soundy Presentation (3).jpg
Soundy Presentation (4).jpg
Soundy Presentation (5).jpg