The Waiting Room



This VR project was made for a class in Spring of 2019 called Synthetic Architectures and presented at the ITP Spring Show 2019 as a museum exhibit. It is a speculative piece that imagines a virtual underground waiting room made in an era when people no longer had to wait thanks to advances in technology. The room is full of absurd waiting tools - a child’s game made to be huge proportions, too many TVs with boring single-color channels and chair that move away from you when you try to sit in them. When immersants come to try the piece, they are first greeted and thanked for visiting the Museum of Technology History and quickly briefed on the exhibit, an artifact from the early 21st century (see below).

Our assignment for our final was to simulate a type of experience and I chose waiting. I used Maya to model the furniture and made all of the materials, interaction, sound and room in Unreal. Below is the brochure I gave to visitors and that also appears in the virtual museum and a video of the VR interaction and experience.

You can read more about the process and other VR projects at:



Thank you to my professor, Jonathan Turner for an amazing class. Thank you to Hannah for user testing, equipment troubleshooting and feedback along the way. Thank you to ~Ginger Garlic~ for critique. Thank you to Marina Zurkow and Sarah Rothberg for outside consultation and inspiration.

Music is from the Parish Council.