Digital pumpkin carving

Do you ever find pumpkin carving too much work and too messy? Do you ever wish you could have a pumpkin LED display instead?

This is a digital pumpkin carving tool that allows the user to draw a jack ‘o lantern face on a website that is sent to an LED display in the shape of a pumpkin. The user can clear both the website and LED screen by pressing the “c” key on they keyboard.

This was designed to be an interactive halloween display with a charismatic output. The next step on this project is to make a website that will store everyone’s drawings and that would also allow people to send the “carvings” to the LED display remotely.


How it works

We used a 32x32 LED matrix connected to an Arduino Uno, We used p5.js in the browser and send data serially to the Arduino using the Arduino IDE.

Here is the link to the final webpage and the code.